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Primary Media, a Dallas based outdoor advertising company, is the first digital billboard provider in Frisco, TX. Our outdoor advertising campaigns are designed to appeal to the consumer. We help advertisers achieve this through bold, eye-catching design and creative marketing. Our best advertising campaigns are sleek and full of original imagination. We are happy to help companies spread the word and reach new levels of success.

Primary Media Cares

Primary Media Outdoor Advertising and its staff are dedicated to community involvement. We believe in supporting the many civic, arts, and social organizations that enhance and define the communities in which we live. Each year, Primary Media employees take part in numerous charitable causes throughout the 21 counties and 61 cities and towns in which we reach. From fundraisers to volunteer activities that improve our towns and neighborhoods, Primary Media Cares proudly supports the following organizations and their fund raising efforts.

How much does a billboard cost?
We offer competitive billboard pricing based on your needs. Rates vary depending on location, size, and length of agreement.

How big are billboards?
Most of Primary Media Outdoor’s billboards are 14 high by 48 feet long. 14X48 is the standard “bulletin” size. Please contact us for other billboard sizes and their locations.

How can I find out when Primary Media Outdoor has billboards available?
Contact us at (214) 880-0440 for availability dates.

Are your billboards illuminated?
Yes, our state of the art lighting promotes exposure day and night.

Who provides the creative artwork?
The advertiser or advertiser’s agency provides artwork approximately thirty (30) days prior to the display start date.

Do you provide the display material?
Yes, displays are produced on vinyl material. The display material is not included in the space rate.

What is a cut-out or extension?
Extensions are embellishments that can extend 5 1/2 feet above the top of the board and 2 feet on the bottom and sides of the billboard face. Extensions can be added at a one-time charge for installation/fabrication and with a monthly maintenance charge.

Do you provide special effects?
Primary Media Outdoor can execute special effects such as 3D, inflatables, reflectors, and mannequins. These special effects are quoted upon request on an individual basis.

Can you hold my display vinyl for later use?
Sure, we can hold the display material for a monthly charge of $35 per vinyl. Primary Media will not be held responsible for vinyls stored longer than 150 days.

Can I have Primary Media Outdoor install my vinyl, or re-install an old vinyl?
Primary Media Outdoor can install vinyl displays on its locations.

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April 2016


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