• Do you own property adjacent to a highly traveled road or highway?
  • Are you interested in additional income?


Advantages to Leases

Leases are another way that property owners can make some additional supplemental income by allowing Primary Media to place an outdoor advertising billboard on their property.

Our company can engineer a structure to any configuration to maximize the available space of each parcel and design any of our billboards around any existing developments (example: buildings, parking, landscapes, etc.) without any capital investment from the landowner. Primary Media will be responsible for all cost associated with creating the project site plan, obtain all permits through the local and state municipalities, pay for the fabrication and installation of the outdoor advertising billboard. In addition, Primary Media carries a commercial liability policy for several million dollars to ensure all properties owners are held harmless of any liabilities associated with our billboards.

How will I be protected from damage caused as a result of the billboard on my property?
Primary Media Outdoor Advertising is fully insured and holds the property owner harmless from any claims for damages caused by our billboard structures or employees (and will continue to do so as a written obligation in the easement document). Primary Media Outdoor Advertising is responsible for ALL costs relating to the sign and we will continually service and maintain the sign structure to ensure a quality appearance.

How long is the term of a ground lease?
The primary term of most ground leases is 15 to 20 years.

How will I be compensated?
When valuing your lease payments, you can safely assume that you will receive these payments for at least the term of the lease. Payments start after the completion of the billboard structure. They can either be a fixed amount paid monthly/annually or a percentage of the rent.

What is Primary Media Outdoor Advertising offering to lease?
Primary Media Outdoor Advertising is offering to lease a small area for the billboard colum and access for the perpuse of maintaining the structure. The lease interest purchased by Primary Media Outdoor Advertising will be unaffected by an ownership transfer of the land.

Would the purchase of a ground lease on my property limit my rights to sell my property in the future?
The lease interest purchased by Primary Media Outdoor Advertising will be unaffected by an ownership transfer of the land.

How Do I Take Advantage of this Ground Lease Offer?

You should be able to answer “Yes” to the following:

  • I am interested in an long term income in exchange for s ground lease for a billboard on my property.
  • I am the legal owner of the property upon which the billboard is located, and I have the authority to execute a binding sale of an easement.
  • I am not currently involved in a bankruptcy proceeding that would involve this property.
  • I will be able to provide a copy of the property Warranty Deed and my most recent Tax Notice.
  • I understand that Primary Media Outdoor Advertising, at is sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel this pending transaction for any reason until such time that final payment is rendered to the legal landowner.

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