Jump Tumble and CheerBillboards are known to be one of the most effective methods of advertising. But what do we do when it is 2016, and we are still using the same static images to get our messages across? With society already being technically advanced it’s time to do the same with the way we advertise. Digital billboards are an increasingly common outdoor advertising method that is becoming more popular. You may be wondering why so many people are choosing to go digital. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the advantages to help you understand exactly why.



  1. Digital billboards are automatically illuminated.
    A major concern some people have is that the lights will be too bright during the day and will negatively impact the visual appeal of the advertisement. Digital billboards are made with built in light sensors, causing the lights to dim during the day, and brighten at night ensuring your advertisement will be seen 24/7 by all who come across it.

  3.  Digital ad space is cheaper than traditional billboards.
    With digital displays, there are no printing costs for any vinyl or other poster materials. The advertisement is simply an image that is displayed on a large screen, so there is no concern about printing quality or weather damage. Not only are you saving on printing costs, you are also saving on time. If an advertisement is displayed only at certain times, you are allowing your ad to skip that times of day where there isn’t nearly as much traffic and is likely just costing you money.

  5. Multiple advertisements for one company
    Let’s say you have two events coming up and you would like to advertise both of them, but you only want them to appear in one location. With digital billboards, you can have two different ads appear back-to-back so you can promote both of the events and still hit the same market. If you only want to purchase one segment, but still want to display both ads, no problem! Digital advertising allows you to split up your time and display both advertisements in one segment.|

  7. Difficult to ignore
    When driving down the road, people are usually aware of their surroundings and, let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to ignore bright lights that are constantly switching between ads. Digital advertising is a great way to make sure your ad is not only being seen, but also keeping the attention of your audience. The digital ads are usually located along the busiest streets and highways, so the amount of people seeing your ad will be  much larger than if you were to go with a traditional billboard.

  9. Movement and special effects
    One of the many capabilities of digital media and not traditional billboards, is the use of special effects and movement in an advertisement. If you have a message that is particularly important, add some flashing letters or maybe some scrolling text. This is a great way to get your audience’s attention and make sure they see the full message.

  11. Easy to change
    One of the disadvantages of traditional billboards is that any necessary advertisment changes have to be reprinted and reinstalled onto the billboard. Though it’s not generally difficult, it does take some time to uninstall one ad and put up another. With digital, a change can be made in a matter of seconds. Since it is just a program displaying the advertisement, the file would just need to be updated and the new ad would be in place.Digital advertising is a new and innovative way to show the world what your company can do. Society is moving forward and it is taking the advertisements with them.
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